Monday, June 22, 2009

Yarn Overload!

I found out yesterday that Hobby Lobby has finally opened up in our area, so I decided to go there today and check it out. Holy cow! Their yarn section is well lit, organized, and has some very interesting things. They have a section of sock yarn, all the colors of the Caron Natural Spa and Country (two of my favorite yarns), a whole section of bamboo yarns, and I was quite impressed with some of the HL brand yarns, particularly the cotton/acrylic blend.

As I wandered down the aisles, I kept thinking of all the great things that yarn would make - you see, I'm all about what the yarn will make instead of just going after the yarn. Maybe that's why I don't get caught up in the whole Sundara/Wolmeise/whatever other yarn is super popular craze. Sure I have a stash, but that stash is not a collection, it's just not being able to knit fast enough.

I've gone from not having anything on the needles to having too much on the needles. I decided that I'm going to concentrate right now on making DD1 some little cardigans and shrugs for school. I went to Old Navy and picked up some cute little tanks that she can wear this summer and with a shrug or cardigan over them, she can wear them well into the school year. I love knitting sweaters for the girls - they go quickly and I don't have to be so fiddly about gauge.

Right now, I'm knitting the Shalom cardigan out of some Vanna's choice (another favorite yarn of mine) and it's coming out beautifully. I should be finished with it tonight.

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